[Israel.pm] kwiki content

Gabor Szabo gabor at perl.org.il
Sun Oct 17 05:28:41 PDT 2004

As you might remember we had a wiki once upon a time.
It was invaded by Chinese spammers and later it died  either
because of that or because of some other reasons.

As I don't have the time to fight these spammers or my server
and we have a nice version control system and an even nicer new
site we agreed with Offer to take down the Kwiki and integrate
its pages to the new site.

For now I checked-in the pages to the repository, you can see the
files here:


I think Offer will be happy if you sent him patches to the site
helping him integrate this material.

In addition if you want to add more data to the wiki then just send the
relevant patch to Offer.

If you need help how to do this, first read this
and if still in doubt ask either Offer or me or the list.
It is really easy. Even I could learn.


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