[Israel.pm] Nargile

David Baird david.baird at cmcrossroads.com
Sun Oct 17 03:23:44 PDT 2004

I think that narghile would be the most acceptable name. The word hookah
is also well known, especially from Alice in Wonderland. However, it has
a negative connotation, as it also associated with the word bong, which
is slang for a hookah used for smoking an certain illicit and relaxing
substance. You may also consider other means of cooling off smoke, like
a flue, which utilizes a different and perhaps more appropriate
metaphor. Other word for running smoke tests: chimney, furnace, stove,
boiler and hearth.


> > I thought "Nargila" is a Hebrew word. 
> It was adopted from Persian to Arabic anf from Arabic to Hebrew.
> Formerly the bowl was made of coconut - nargil, hence the name.
> The English is indeed hookah. Random House offers three alternative 
> spellings for nargile, the other two are nargileh and narghile. From 
> this I assume that the pronunciation thouls approximate our 
> own rather 
> than the assumptions a native English speaker who's never 
> seen the word.
> The OED has entries for the spellings with the h. The OED is an 
> historical dictionary and ony has entries for words that appeared in 
> print. It has citation from the late 19th cent. Two of them offer the 
> spelling nargilly and narghilly - in other words, a foreign 
> word that no 
> one knows how to spell.
> >"Hookah" is an English word.
> > But I am not an expert in nargilot despite some relations to
> > http://www.nargilot.co.il/ and http://www.smoking-hookah.com/ :)

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