[Israel.pm] catching STOUT and STDERR

Offer Kaye offer.kaye at gmail.com
Sun Oct 17 01:00:29 PDT 2004

On Sun, 17 Oct 2004 00:46:23 +0200 (IST), Gabor Szabo wrote:
> I am running an external process via system() and would like to
> catch its output in something (variable, file whatever) 

Then how can you use "system()"? You must use backticks (or "qx()"), no?

> in the same
> order as I would see on screen. At the same time I'd like to keep
> it appear on the screen as it might ask questions or need the attention
> of the user otherwise.
> I would use tee but I need it on less capable systems as well.
> any takers ?

Use IO::Tee:

Offer Kaye

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