[Israel.pm] Fedora Core 2 + netQmail + KMail

Evgeny Gesin evgenygesin at yahoo.com
Thu Oct 7 02:46:47 PDT 2004

1. First I installed netQmail 1.0.5 on RedHat 9. I
sent and received messages without problem.

2. Then I installed netQmail 1.0.5 on Fedora Core 2.
Now I cannot send (SMTP) messages:
- Mozilla-mail says "connection to SMTP server failed
or server refusing SMTP connections".
- KMail says "Unknown error code 0" and it also cannot
determine the encryption and authentication methods
when pressing "Check what the server supports" button.

But I can send e-mails via command line "telnet
mail.domain.com 25". I test on same machine where is

Please advice what is wrong with qmail or KMail or
what else on Fedora 2 ?

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