[WHY not HOW] Re: [Israel.pm] Quickie - Perl syntax

Madani, Srikanth, VF-DE Srikanth.Madani at vodafone.com
Wed Oct 6 05:07:04 PDT 2004

Omer Zak wrote:
>However, I am intrigued by the "Why".
>Given that you already wrote the code in question, "WHY" do you need to
>combine those statements into one line?  (Besides the intellectual
>challenge of playing Perl Golf on this code snippet - in which case people
>normally try to solve the problem by themselves rather than ask in mailing

You are right on both counts - it was just about the Golf.
And the reason I addressed it to the list - I was being virtuous.

As the Perl man page says:
The three principal virtues of a  programmer  are  Laziness, Impatience, and Hubris. :-)

Here's the solution:

my @tdir_val = ($line =~ m/^\s*(\S+)\s*=\s*(\S+)\s*$/);

Prompted by the third virtue :-),
Srikanth Madani

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