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Mon Oct 4 04:04:06 PDT 2004

On Monday 04 October 2004 11:22, Yuval Yaari wrote:
> Shlomo Yona said:
> > On Mon, 4 Oct 2004, Yuval Yaari wrote:

> >> #3:
> >> The only way I used it so far is with Evolution.
> >> Any mail client that can pipe your mail to a program, and check for
> >> exit code (such as Evolution) could be used.
> >
> > [...]
> >
> > I used it with pine 1-2 years ago, and then stopped.
> > So, it would be nice if you can give a few cookbook tips on
> > how to do it in popular mailers:
> >  	mutt
> >  	pine
> >  	evolution
> >  	mozilla-mail
> I don't use mutt/pine, so I'm not into configuring it.

Well, what I can say:

Using spamassassin from within procmail is very straightforward. You can 
easily use procmail to filter your pine or mutt messages so it's pretty easy. 
I already successfully deployed spamassassin for an account I have where I 
read my messages using pine.

I wrote an howto about it, which I can find and send to this list. It's not 
that hard and well documented in the SA documentation.

I also found this page:

On using spamassassin with kmail, which I'm happily using on my home account. 

In any case, SpamAssassin is generic enough to be integrated into almost 

BTW, for a long time I've been using pine on my E-mail accounts, and it was 
quite OK. At home, I decided to use kmail, which is a GUIish mailer for KDE. 
Now I find pine highly annoying, and tend to avoid it as much as possible. A 
rich-client E-mail client is so much nicer than a console one or a web-based 
one. I happily recall the times I've been using Eudora, and kmail is very 
similar to Eudora.

Gmail is nice and all, but my main problems with it, is that it still heavily 
lacks in many common mailer paradigms. It cannot filter on many headers (like 
List-Id:, Mailing-List:, etc.). I could not find a way to do something with 
all the messages with a certain label. (only with the first 100 or so). Such 
things irritate me greatly.

Hopefully, it will get better there.


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