[Israel.pm] Detecting Random characters

Yuval Yaari yuval at windax.com
Mon Oct 4 00:52:14 PDT 2004

DJ Pumps wrote:
> 1. What is is?
> 2. How does it work?
> 3. How do you install/configure it for personal emails
> pulled from your ISP/university/whatever? (how do I use it
> even without being root and without having any control over
> the mail server)
> 4. How do you install/configure it for your own mail server?
> 5. Why would someone want to interface it using Perl?
> 6. How does one interface it using Perl?

Good questions, thanks.

The only way I used it so far is with Evolution.
Any mail client that can pipe your mail to a program, and check for exit
code (such as Evolution) could be used.
Evolution 2 (I haven't installed it yet, but I will soon) has a built-in
integration with SA.
I didn't find a way to integrate it with mozilla-mail, but I will try to
make it work with Gnus.

There are also some webmails that can use SA.
Mine can, but I'm not using it so often, and it's not even written in Perl.

If you guys could tell me if your e-mail client can do that, I'd tell you
how to configure your mail clients to work with SA.
But if you have your own mail server, I'd recommend using SA there instead.

#4: I could only speak about my hackish qmail/vpopmail integration.
I can copy-paste from other sites about Sednmail or qmail with patches
(there are a few), but I will warn you in advance that I didn't try these.
And if you're using Sendmail, it's time to move on to qmail anyway :)

#5 & #6:
I can't answer these myself.
As I said, I installed it on my mail server and that's about all I'm going
to do with it.

> I would really like to hear in depth answers to the above 6
> points.

Optimists, aren't we DJ Pumps? :)
Please consider the line:
>> I just installed/configured it.

But questions that I can actually /answer/ are more than welcome.
Perhaps Yuval Kogman could cover for me in case of need.
I think he has some SA experience.
Yuval Kogman, why don't you post here anymore (I know you're alive because
I see your posts on the Class::DBI mailing list :))?


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