[Israel.pm] Detecting Random characters

Omer Zak omerz at actcom.co.il
Sun Oct 3 05:59:49 PDT 2004

Some questions and comments about this interesting problem:

1. If there is such a method, it depends upon the language of the text 
in question.  For example, accented letters would be OK in an ISO-8859-8 
encoded text, but not in a pure English message.  Is the text's language 
known a-priori?
If yes, there may be 2-letter and 3-letter combinations, which never 
occur in the language.  If yes, they can be used to eliminate part of 
the random strings.

2. Does the string consist of only a single word, or of several words? 
In the latter case, a guess can be made by computing frequency of 
letters and 2-letter combinations used.

3. What is Ronen's ultimate goal?  Maybe there is a different way to 
achieve this goal?

Ronen Angluster wrote:
> Hello,
> does anyone know of a method/algorythm in perl that can detect a string
> of random characters?
> i.e: know that "fafafXswewe" is non valid and "testing" or "ronen" is valid?
> i dont want to use a dictionary of valid words because it would need
> to invole all the words there is...
> Regards,
> Ronen Angluster
> p.s: i do know how impossible it looks, i just had to ask
                                              --- Omer
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