[Israel.pm] Searching perldoc.com from the FF URL bar

Offer Kaye offer.kaye at gmail.com
Mon Nov 22 15:01:33 PST 2004

Thought this would be useful:
For those of you using Firefox (FF), you can search perldoc.com for a
term from the URL bar, for example:
pd gmtime

To enable this, go to Bookmsarks->Manage Boomkarks... , create a new
bookmark entry and fill in the following fields:
Name: Search Perldoc
Location: http://www.perldoc.com/cgi-bin/htsearch?words=%s&restrict=perl5.8.4
Keyword: pd
Description: Search for a Perldoc entry

* You can change the restrict to whicever verion you want that is
supported by perldoc.com.

Drag the new bookmark entry with the left mouse button to the Quick
Searches subfolder, so that it becomes one of the entries there. You
can now use the above mentioned "pd search-term" method to quickly
search perldoc.com from the URL bar.

I'm using FF 1.0 - YMMV.
Offer Kaye

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