[Israel.pm] off-topic: linkedin connections

Gabor Szabo gabor at perl.org.il
Wed Nov 17 06:37:45 PST 2004

While I don't think it was a good idea from Shlomo to send out
such a public invitation to his personal network there is another
invitation to a LinkedIn group of the Israeli Perl Mongers.

I did not include it in my answer to Oron that went to linux-il
too because this is for Perl Mongers only.
BTW if you are not subscribed to linux-il but are interested in the
rest of the discussion you can read it in their archive:


OK so about the group:

I setup a group for the Israeli Perl Mongers on LinkedIn.
This is a members only group, for joining this group
one have to register and I have to approve the registration.

If I understand correctly the idea behind such groups on LinkedIn is
that members of the group can use the contacts of other members
even if they don't have direct contact. Wow, that's sounds gibberish.
The point is that if you are into finding a contact person somewhere
it will be easier through friends (or Mongers in our case.)
Even if you are not looking for job right now, it is worth starting to
build your network now.

I have been using it for nearly a year now on and off.
I found a number of clients using this and there are people who
found jobs through LinkedIn. So any of you might be interested.

I believe this tool can help both employers to find better Perl
programmers and Perl Mongers to find better jobs. In addition
I think the whole thing of referrals might help a bit to make Perl
more accepted in the Israeli hi-tech industry.

Since the group was opened yesterday in the morning a couple of
people whom I invited directly for testing the system have already
joined. Now I'd like to send out an official (:0) invitation to
everyone on this list.

If you'd like to join the Perl Mongers Group on LinkedIn you can do
so by following this link:


This will let you register at LinkedIn if you are not yet a member
and then to apply for for a membership in the group.
I'll then have to evaluate the requests one by one.

My idea is that the group on LinkedIn will include both people
who are using our mailing list(s) and others who are using Perl
in Israel but for some reason don't want to use the mailing list.
This can enlarge the network of people you know and might
make it easier to find clients or jobs.

So whatever.
If you find this interesting or maybe even useful then go ahead
and register using the above link.


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