[Israel.pm] off-topic: linkedin connections

Gabor Szabo gabor at perl.org.il
Tue Nov 16 14:53:58 PST 2004

As I somehow ;) got mixed in this, let me answer on both lists.

<marketing-glasses: on>

I think having a distributed model for the same thing LinkedIn
does *would* be much better but LinkedIn currently has a few
features that the social network we have now,
(the one Oron described) does not have.

Naturally there are other feature that our social networks have
that an online service such as the one we are talking about does
not have and possibly cannot have.

+ LinkedIn lets you search in 4 distance. Not only my contacts
  but I can see (to certain degree) information about the contacts
  of my contacts and their contacts...
  (e.g. I cannot see their e-mail) nor can  I contact them directly.

+ When I am looking for a person at company X I don't have to
  ask all of my contacts if they know someone at that company.
  I can search the database and hope that the person I am looking for
  has joined the system.

- On the other hand if I do ask Oron if he knows someone who
  could help me in marketing he might come up with much better
  ideas than what I could find from his contact list on LinkedIn.

Oron, I hope your e-mail was not intended for someone like me
to run a marketing spiel for LI, was it ?:-0)

Resident Perl Monger


Interestingly another member of linux-il told me this is spam
when I invited him to join (which might be indeed the case  :)
and then a few weeks later I got an invitation from him.

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