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Oron Peled oron at actcom.co.il
Tue Nov 16 12:48:42 PST 2004

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On Tuesday 16 November 2004 16:22, Shlomo Yona wrote:
> Sorry for the (semi) off-topic message.
> Gabor convinced me to join https://www.linkedin.com some
> time ago, and it seems useful for contacting people.

I recently got an invitation from someone I know and silently
dropped it. The "value proposition" of this kind of site looks
very skewed to me. Let's think what each player is doing:
   - The inviter is asking me to join in. Well if he knows me
     he really does not need "linkedin" to connect us.
   - I am being asked to click on a link and register on
     their site. Well, there are so many sites that "invite"
     me to click and register every day. Another one bites
     the dust...
   - Linkedin get a nice web-of-trust database. What it can
     be used for? Ahhhh, to introduce me to other "important"
     people that either me or my friends already know.
     Do we need the intermediary for that?

I think the basic idea is very good, but we already implemented
it in much better way:
  - I know Gabor, you know Gabor, we both know Ofer, etc, etc.
  - Who owns the data? Unlike the "linkedin" site, we use a
    distributed model -- we are "linked" via perl.org.il,
    Hamakor, IGLU, Haifux, Whatsup, ... (and any combination
    of these and other "webs-of-trust" we encounter).
  - If one "web" turns crooked (e.g: Gabor is a special agent
    of the spammers and not the perl guy we all know :-) anyone
    can start a revolt and have his own perl.org.revolt.il
  - Some of us even sign each other PGP keys, so the web of
    trust is somewhat resistant to subversion.
  - I don't see any problem in doing for each other exactly
    what "linkedin" purports to do (introduce us to "job
    opportunities"). In fact several of the mailing lists
    mentioned above (and others) are accepting properly marked
    job requests/proposals. Within these mailing lists you won't
    find many people who don't know Gabor, or Shlomo Yona or
    Diego Iastrubni for that matter.

Cheers and keep us posted if I turned wrong...

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