[Israel.pm] little bit O.T. :Perl regex vs grep regex

Gabor Szabo gabor at perl.org.il
Mon Nov 15 00:38:52 PST 2004

On Fri, 12 Nov 2004, Gaal Yahas wrote:

> On Thu, Nov 11, 2004 at 09:50:06PM -0500, Mark Dominus wrote:
> > There's also a Tom Christiansen program called "tcgrep" you might want
> > to look for.  I think the code might be in "Perl Cookbook".
> It's actually on CPAN, in his script collection.
>      http://www.cpan.org/modules/by-authors/id/TOMC/scripts/tcgrep.gz
> Some of the stuff there is perhaps made a bit dated by the explosion
> of CPAN, but there's a lot of good code. (Oh, somebody was asking about
> 'du' in pure Perl? He has one.)

And this might be the time to mention the Perl Power Tools
that was started by TC and now it seems (ocassionally) gets some new life:



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