[Israel.pm] Has anyone compared Win ActiveState Perl to LinuxPerl?

David Baird david.baird at cmcrossroads.com
Sun Nov 14 06:36:56 PST 2004

> > As for Komodo, it was designed for Linux
> > and ported to Windows. It works much better on Linux than 
> on Windows.
> Really?  I always thought the other way around....  Guess you learn 
> something all the time :-)

Komodo was always released for Linux and Windows at the same time, but
sometimes the beta work for new features was done in Linux. It uses the
Mozilla framework, which works better on Linux than on Windows, in my
own user experience. I was a beta tester for Komodo 2.x and recall a lot
of features working on Linux before they worked on Windows. Even the
promotion page lists Linux before Windows as a supported platform.


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