[Israel.pm] Converting VBScript to Perl

Issac Goldstand margol at beamartyr.net
Wed Nov 10 22:37:42 PST 2004

I had too many traumatic experiences with the old one ;-)
But just for you, I used the VBconverter.

First of all, it seems to be for .vbs files, not necessarily .asp written in 
VBScript.  I gave it a simple .asp file and it kinda choked (which is to 
say, that it choked but still Perl-ified it somewhat).
The perliest looking thing it did (other than $-ing vars, etc) was changing
IF (A) THEN (B) endif
(b) if (a);

which was cool to see even if not the hardest feat to accomplish...

And it has a GUI.  Which is much better than the old PDK.  MAybe I'll learn 
(slowly) to start using it.  The Filter Builder  thing looks cool:  You give 
it an input file and set a regexp and let it purr away :-)

I'm hoping that the debugger is somewhat better than the old GUI debugger (I 
used to manually disable the GUI debugger even if I had PDK installed 
because it stank so much)

It's also nice that the Visual Package Manager is part of PDK instead of 
part of Komodo Pro (VPM is like up2date/red carpet/synaptic for Perl 
packages.  There are PPM packages for most modules which are on the official 
module list)

Anyway, that's my initial "once over" report :-)  (I know I didn't look at 
80% of the things, but I think these were the only 2 "brand new" ones)


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> I have just read that the new version of the ActiveState PDK
> has a tool to convert VBScript to Perl.
> If that really works, then as I understand this might help in
> moving from IIS/ASP/VBScript based web site to Apache::ASP/Perl.
> Has anyone tried the new PDK already ?
> Gabor
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