[Israel.pm] little bit O.T. :Perl regex vs grep regex

Oron Peled oron at actcom.co.il
Wed Nov 10 15:15:25 PST 2004

On Thursday 11 November 2004 00:19, Yuval Yaari wrote:
> Offer Kaye wrote:
> >The people most likely to use "grep"  -- beginners -- are the people
> >least likely to know about "perl -ne'' , or be comfortable using it.
> >Better that they practise Perl RE's in a familiar setting, after that
> >they can graduate to using "perl -ne", "perl -pe", 'perl -an -F":"
> >-e', and the rest of the zoo :-)

I graduated some time ago :-) but I still use grep a lot.
Also, while I'm familiar with pcre I wasn't aware it was
integrated into GNU grep -- you learn something new every day.

> Grep was mentioned, I wondered what held him back from using -P (except 
> for not having GNU grep). I guess he's using GNU grep anyway...

Hmmmm... don't know about him, but perl is not an answer
to all problems. It certainly won't run on most of the
embedded systems I currently work on (actually, they
won't even use GNU grep, but rather the one included
in busybox).


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