[Israel.pm] Summary Of XUL::Node Installation

Yuval Yaari yuval at windax.com
Thu Nov 4 14:31:20 PST 2004


I was wondering how long/problematic the installation is, as Ran and 
Offer made it sound horrible.
So I'll sum up, briefly.
I fired up our beloved CPAN shell, and typed install XUL::Node (as if 
you couldn't guess).
It was very long (~15 minutes) and as Offer said, it downloaded just 
about every module on CPAN (you'd be amazed by the weird dependencies 
some modules have).
BUT - it installed alright. No exiting-and-rerunning-CPAN-voodoo or 
anything (*cough* unlike Maypole *cough*).

Thanks for the great lecture, Ran.
I'll go play with XUL::Node a bit... Good night!


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