[Israel.pm] OO in perl question

Issac Goldstand margol at beamartyr.net
Thu Nov 4 01:08:06 PST 2004

First of all, you can store "a" in the blessed variable that represents your 
If that's not possible, then you can store $Da::a, $Db::a ... $Dk::a. In 
class B, the get_a could do:
return eval ("$".ref($_[0])."::a");

That's untested, and I'm sure there's a neater way than using the icky eval, 
but it ought to do what you want...


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> hi
> i have the following situation:
> packages D1,..,Dk which derived from package B in perl
> and var $a in each of the packages D1,..Dk, B
> and lets say single accessor name get_a defined in B only;
> is there clean way which get_a return the correct $a;
> for example:
> $c = new D2();
> print $c->get_a()
> will print the content of $a from D2;
> is there different sollution if $a is my var or global package var
> thanks itamar
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