[Israel.pm] man2html server

Shahar Evron shahar at mattat.co.il
Mon Nov 1 11:28:36 PST 2004

Acctually, I didn't expect anyone to be interested in this, but anyone 
who wants to take a look, the script is at 

I'd love to hear some remarks / suggestions, about anything, including 
style, syntax etc, since I'm kind of newbie.

The script uses man2html now, but I'd like to write something (module??) 
to translate man pages (nroff, or troff, I didn't really understand...) 
to HTML, or even better XML.

Shlomo Yona wrote:

>> Did anyone come accross something like that before? Does anyone think 
>> this sort of thing is woth further development? If anyone does, I'll 
>> get the code (it's a very short program right now...) somewhere online.
> I'd like to hear about the program during one of the
> meetings.
> Would you consider this?

Hmm.. I think it's a very simple beginner level program, plus I've never 
been to any of the meetings (I lived to far untill recently...), so I 
guess I should come as a listener first before I talk...


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