[Israel.pm] man2html server

Omer Zak omerz at actcom.co.il
Mon Nov 1 04:32:50 PST 2004

I think that the man2html server idea is useful.  I have some suggestions:
1. Add support also for other documentation available in Linux - info
   pages, text files in /usr/share/doc subdirectories, etc.
   Info pages need more processing - they have their own link system,
   which should be converted into HTML hyperlinks.
2. Provide interface to keyword/apropos/locate search facility.
3. I personally would like to integrate with the help system also a Wiki
   configured to support users, who want to document their own tips,
   tricks and scripts.  But this is not necessary for a first version.

The project might end up as Nagelhaf (Next Generation Linux Help
Facility) - central focus of help information about one's Linux system.

On Mon, 1 Nov 2004, Shahar Evron wrote:

> Hi all..
> First of all I want to say hi, because I was away from the list for a
> few months, and an unexpected talk with Gabor made me "home-sick", so I
> came back...
> A few days ago I got into learning about inet sockets using
> IO::Socket::INET, and my testing resulted in something that came to be
> kind of practical (atleast for me...) : some kind of daemon or server
> listening on localhost, that can serve man pages as HTML to a browser...
> So now instead of doing "man foo::bar" I open up firefox, and type
> "http://localhost:5050/foo::bar" and get a nicely formatted manpage in
> my browser.
> It's pretty simple and not very developped, but I think It's a nice
> idea, and I find it kind of usefull.
> Did anyone come accross something like that before? Does anyone think
> this sort of thing is woth further development? If anyone does, I'll get
> the code (it's a very short program right now...) somewhere online.
                                             --- Omer
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