[Israel.pm] man2html server

Shahar Evron shahar at mattat.co.il
Mon Nov 1 04:06:15 PST 2004

Hi all..

First of all I want to say hi, because I was away from the list for a 
few months, and an unexpected talk with Gabor made me "home-sick", so I 
came back...

A few days ago I got into learning about inet sockets using 
IO::Socket::INET, and my testing resulted in something that came to be 
kind of practical (atleast for me...) : some kind of daemon or server 
listening on localhost, that can serve man pages as HTML to a browser... 
So now instead of doing "man foo::bar" I open up firefox, and type 
"http://localhost:5050/foo::bar" and get a nicely formatted manpage in 
my browser.

It's pretty simple and not very developped, but I think It's a nice 
idea, and I find it kind of usefull.

Did anyone come accross something like that before? Does anyone think 
this sort of thing is woth further development? If anyone does, I'll get 
the code (it's a very short program right now...) somewhere online.


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