[Israel.pm] Building a threaded server using Perl?

Yuval Yaari yuval at windax.com
Sun May 30 04:15:09 PDT 2004

"IO::Epoll - Scalable IO Multiplexing for Linux 2.5.44 and higher" - 
that new? :)
I'm not sure I want to compile 2.6 on that server... Though I do run it 
at home and I love it.

Also, why should I prefer IO::Poll over IO::Select ?
I think they both share the same problems.

I need my server to handle 100 and 10,000 clients without users (usually 
CLI users) noticing the speed differences (excluding the bandwidth - 
that's not up to me anymore :)).
s/10,000/max concurrent requests without the server going up in flames/;


P.S: Load balancer and sharing all the data via multicast is not an 
option unless you pay for the equipment :)
P.P.S: Freely assume Linux - we're not running anything else.

Gaal Yahas wrote:

> If you can assume POSIX, give IO::Poll a shot. If you can also assume
>linux, then try the much faster epoll API with IO::EPoll (should be a
>drop-in replacement to IO::Poll). You'll need a relatively new kernel.
>I don't have first-hand experience with either, though, so take this
>with a grain of salt. But Brad FitzPatrick of LiveJournal fame has been
>using epoll with great success. Look up memcached and Perlball.

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