[Israel.pm] perl5.8.4, mod_perl, dynamic loading, debian

Issac Goldstand margol at beamartyr.net
Thu May 20 02:30:14 PDT 2004

> On Thu, May 20, 2004 at 12:08:00PM +0300, Issac Goldstand wrote:
> > Absolutely - if you built Perl (or Apache in a DSO install) by hand, you
> > must build your own mod_perl...  On the other hand, if you upgraded to
> > via a binary package, you should be able to find an updated binary
> > for mod_perl (which should depend on Perl).  If you don't you may
> > being a nice guy and rolling your own :-)
> (No, I specifically *don't* want DSO mod_perl.)

I understand that - but mod_perl must alwayts get relinked when Apache or
Perl is changed - be it staticly linked or DSO.

> Okay: you're basically saying the binary packages in Debian unstable are
> screwed. I think I'll be a nice guy and report that as a bug, and if it
> doesn't get fixed soon, rebuild from source.

No - I'm saying that if they released the new Perl, they should also have
released a new apache-perl.  If they didn't, something is weird...


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