[Israel.pm] upgrading to Perl 5.8.4

Issac Goldstand margol at beamartyr.net
Thu May 20 01:59:00 PDT 2004

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> On Thu, 20 May 2004, Issac Goldstand wrote:
> > Gabor,
> >   I did that too and found the fix. There's a specific directory set
> > must be in @INC, and you simply need to tell ./Configure about it.  The
> > directories are:
> > /usr/lib/perl5
> > /usr/share/perl5
> > /usr/local/lib/site_perl
> >
> > That will ensure that it plays nicely with the system, as well as with
> > modules installed via dpkg
> OK.
> Can you now explain that again in plain words so I can see
> if I can apply this to my situation?
> I have Perl 5.8.0 on a Mandrake 9.1 and I want to upgrade it
> to Perl 5.8.4 (not to install a separate Perl).
> Thanks.

Unfortunately, I'm not sure how much it will help you, but here's the gist:

Most systems are somewhat dependant on Perl to do normal management tasks.
In Debian, much of the package management is managed by Perl.  The way THEY
do it, is by creating an independant library of their own modules in special
directories that are not dependant on the running Perl version.  So when
building your own Perl, you must remember to include them in the default
@INC.  That's what I was telling Gabor.

As to you, I don't have experience with Mandrake RPMS, but I have done it on
RedHat and on Debian.  RedHat is actually quite a pain with its RPM system
about fetching prerequisites.  Debian is nicer - there a nice apt-get
command (build-dep) which fetches and installs the *binary* packages
required to build a *source package*.  With RPM, AFAIK you have to look at
the list of dependencies and solve it yourself... RedHat's up2date made that
slightly easier.  I imagine that Mandrake has some intelligent way of
installing the prereqs, too, but can't vouch for it.  Just a word of
warning: many times building Perl requires packages that the running Perl
doesn't need - even aside from -devel packages and autoconf and the like...
The dependancies can be a real pain.  Why are you building from source,
anyways?  I seem to remember that Ofer pointed out a binary RPM...

/me shuts up for the moment.


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