[Israel.pm] calling perl script within mfc application

Itamar Elem elem at compugen.co.il
Wed May 19 05:21:41 PDT 2004

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i found some solution.
from dos prompt
>perl -MExtUtils::Embed -e xsinit
creating perlxsi.c file and with some effort add this file to your mfc project and its handle the dynamic linking of all
this perl modules which use  c (like Tk)
you can operate tk gui within the mfc app

> im writing mfc application(c++)
> which  run perl script(perlembed way)
> i faced problem when the script do
> use Module;
> and Module is interface to some c module (XS or Swig) for 
> example(Tk,Math::Trigo)
> my prog crahed in this situation;
> if Module is neto perl no problem

>This might be an issue of what Perl and what compiler is used for the
>XS/Swig code. I've accomplished what you describe successfully with
>ActivePerl and using only the Visual C++ compiler for the custom
>modules. Is this similar to your situation?


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