[Israel.pm] Vector Math

Jesse P Kretschmer jkrets20 at student.scad.edu
Wed May 12 16:08:31 PDT 2004

I have been making a script to do particle instancing with seeded pieces of geometry tor creat rib files for RenderMan Compliant Renderers.  Oí.  I suppose that is not of the matter. 
I am requiring Perl to do some more advanced Math.  I was hoping someone had done the leg work in a module, but I need to do things like dot and cross product from two vectors.  I am using Math::Trig for the acos(),atan(), et cetera.  This works well with simple Euler rotation formulas not in a proper matrix, but it is becoming really clunky.  I suppose I should make my own sub routine, but I am strapped for time on this project.  If anyone might have some resources, I would much appreciate suggestions.
Je Krets

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