[Israel.pm] perl/tk - excel-like table

Offer Kaye oferk at oren.co.il
Wed May 12 08:23:16 PDT 2004

> Hi
> I need to create a gui table, that will have some of Excel's features :
> sort by column,
> filtering combo box, on each column head,
> hide/unhide columns
> the table's fields are all entry fields with default values.
> Is there any helpfull module you can point me to  ?
> if not - any good ideas ?
> Thanks
>     Shlomi

I haven't seen any "spreadsheet" widgets in Perl-Tk or Gtk2-Perl, but I
didn't look for long, so maybe one exists that you could use.
If you don't find another solution, consider using HTML+JavaScript. It's a
very cross-platform solution :) and if your needs are simple enough it will
even work. For example, here is a page that shows a table with sortable

The other options should also be possible using JavaScript and CSS. If you
choose this route, this page is a must read:

Offer Kaye

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