[Israel.pm] Generating Excel Documents with Pie Charts?

Ishay Inbar ishay at checkpoint.com
Wed May 12 06:03:17 PDT 2004

Create the chart on one Excel file, when the source data is on the other file, in a given static range. Don't change the chart file
at all, and recreate the data file however you like (the simplest way I know is to create HTML table and save it with .xls suffix).

Both files can be on your Linux server, and the user will link to the chart file...

I hope this is "on the fly" enough...


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Let's assume that the client uses windows and has Excel installed...
How can I generate an Excel file with a pie chart (emphasis on the pie)?
I might be able use an existing Excel file with a pie chart but the pie 
should be created according to on-the-fly data...
Does the solution you have in mind support on-the-fly data?

Generating Excel files is easy and I've been doing it at work from time 
to time.
It's just that I wish I could access Excel's nicer features from within 
Oh, and I also really like their charts :)


Ishay Inbar wrote:

>If what you want is to see Excel pie chart on a Windows client, and you know the client has Excel installed, you can create Excel
>fie with pie chart that takes its data from another source, which you will be able to create on your Linux with Perl...
>a long workaround but in case this is what you really need it suppose to be very simple.

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