[Israel.pm] Re: perl and DB (Yossi.Itzkovich at ecitele.com)

roiem at actcom.co.il roiem at actcom.co.il
Thu May 6 07:39:25 PDT 2004

> Yossi wrote:
> >When I want to work with DBs such asOracle, so I need only Perl module, or
> >should I get in addition DLLs/s.o.  from Oracle ?
> When I started writing scripts using DBI, I didn't need to install anything
> from Oracle (perhaps we already had it!).
> In any case you will need the Oracle DB to be running, before you perform
> any data fetch/inserts.

I haven't done this, but I'd guess you'll have to have the Oracle(r)
client installed. If you're running on the server you probably already
have it, otherwise you'll need to install it. Basically, as long as you
can run sqlplus from the same machine, DBD::Oracle should work.

- Roie

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