[Israel.pm] Module install in perl v5.6.1 when perl v5.7.3 required

Yuval Yaari yuval at windax.com
Thu May 6 03:37:42 PDT 2004

Encode needs 5.8.1, doesn't it?
Anyway, yes (answering "Can I do that" as for "run sendsms script"), get 
an older version of Encode.
Also, no, you can't, or you shouldn't even if you can, install the 
latest Encode on 5.6.1.

I re-compiled Perl just for Encode (I know I am pathetic - I also don't 
have a distcc cluster yet so it took some time).
You should really try doing the same thing :)


P.S: Why can't I sms to Orange using that script???

Kfir Lavi wrote:

> I want to run sendsms script on perl 5.6.1, and it needs the module 
> Encode.
> Encode needs 5.7.3.
> Can i do that?
> Kfir

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