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semuel semuel at semuel.co.il
Wed May 5 11:41:21 PDT 2004

Hello There.

I wrote a some time ago an (incompleted) little toy that let the user browse
a tree, with folders and leafs. Folders can contain subfolders and leafs,
and leafs contain text. And everything is actually on the DB. 
User can create and delete folders and leafs. Change their names and
(Well, I still didn't implement the part that delete a folder, but I was
going to...)
It is written in Mason, and was abandoned because of lake/shift of interest,
time restriction, etc. 

If you want it, mail me and I'll pack it up and send.


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I have 2 question. I use perl 5.8.1 on our web server apache 2.0.48
in solaris 2.9.

1.  I would like to know how can I send hebrew mail from a perl script,
    not as attachment. I use sendmail.

2.  I need to make a web form that look like explore in windows. In other
    words: I  need to give a user posibillity to move files, create new /
    remove old files and directories.
    Behind this form will be a perl script.


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