[Israel.pm] hebrew mail & explore form

Eli Billauer eli at billauer.co.il
Wed May 5 08:38:07 PDT 2004

If you don't need any sophisticated handling of the hebrew mail, what I 
would do is to use my favourite mail client to write the Hebrew mail as 
I want it, and the save it to a file. Then I would let the Perl script 
read the file, tweak with the "To:" fields, and possibly some other 
parts that need to be changed according to the situation. But not touch 
the actual hebrew part.

Except for being a rather simple method, it has another advantage: The 
mail looks exactly like something emitted from a regular mail client, 
and spam filters will most probably recognize it as acceptable mail.

Good luck,

Afgin Shlomit wrote:

>I have 2 question. I use perl 5.8.1 on our web server apache 2.0.48
>in solaris 2.9.
>1.  I would like to know how can I send hebrew mail from a perl script,
>    not as attachment. I use sendmail.
>2.  I need to make a web form that look like explore in windows. In other
>    words: I  need to give a user posibillity to move files, create new /
>    remove old files and directories.
>    Behind this form will be a perl script.
>	Shlomit.
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