[Israel.pm] Re: How to open a file on a network drive, using CGI.

roiem at actcom.co.il roiem at actcom.co.il
Tue May 4 11:06:31 PDT 2004

> opening the file is succesful when i use the perl script from within the 
> network.
> but fails when i use cgi.
> I know there is a security issue, but what are the parameters, can i set any 
> of them to be able
> to open the file, from my CGI script.

How exactly are you running the Apache server? I had a problem when I
ran a service (not related to Perl or Apache) using the Local System
account under Windows 2000 (it's somewhere in the service properties,
I don't have a Wnidows box handy to check). I think that account doesn't
have permission to access any Windows share on the network. You might
want to try setting Apache to log in as a regular account (create one
with minimal permissions if that's an issue).

- Roie

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