[Israel.pm] How to open a file on a network drive, using CGI.

David Baird david.baird at homemail.com
Tue May 4 00:33:23 PDT 2004

> the error as written in the Apache errors log:
> [Tue May 04 02:13:59 2004] [error] [client [local IP]] can't open dir 
> \\[server name]\c$\[folder]\[folder]\[folder]\Log: No such 
> file or directory 
> at c:\APACHE~1\apache\cgi-bin\OFFLIN~1.PL line 112.
> lines 111, 112 are:
> $directory = "\\\\[server 
> name]\\c\$\\[folder]\\[folder]\\[folder]\\Log";
> opendir(DIRHANDLE, $directory) or die "can't open dir: 
> $directory: $!";

I think it is an Apache problem, and not a Perl problem. Try, for
example, running the Apache web server under your own user accout, and
not as a service, and see if the problem persists. It is probably a
permissions problem with the account running the Apache web server.


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