[Israel.pm] Using wxPerl's Notebook widget

Itamar Elem elem at compugen.co.il
Mon May 3 09:43:28 PDT 2004

hi ofer

if you download the wxperl with it demo
theres example of notbook sizer
if not  join the code from the demo i dont think its stand alone code
but look at it 

package NotebookSizerDemo;

sub window {
  my $parent = shift;

  my $dialog = NBSDemoWin->new( $parent );

  return undef;

sub description {
  return <<EOT;

  Wx::NotebookSizer is peculiar among sizers as you don't add childrens to
  it, and it queries the notebook for its childrens. Another special thing
  about notebook sizers is that a page size is taken into account
  only if that page has a sizer attached to it.

package NBSDemoWin;

use strict;
use base qw(Wx::Dialog);
          wxDefaultPosition wxDefaultSize);
use Wx::Html;

sub new {
  my $class = shift;
  # we want it resizeable
  my $this = $class->SUPER::new( undef, -1, 'Wx::NotebookSizer',
                                 wxDefaultPosition, wxDefaultSize,
                                 wxDEFAULT_DIALOG_STYLE|wxRESIZE_BORDER );

  my $top_sizer = Wx::BoxSizer->new( wxHORIZONTAL );

  my $notebook = Wx::Notebook->new( $this, -1 );
  my $nbsizer = Wx::NotebookSizer->new( $notebook );

  # each Wx::Notebook page needs to have a sizer if you want
  # to use Wx::NotebookSizer
  my $page1_sz = Wx::BoxSizer->new( wxHORIZONTAL );
  my $page1 = Wx::HtmlWindow->new( $notebook, -1, wxDefaultPosition,
                                   [200, 100] );
  $page1->SetPage( <<EOT );
<head><title>A page</title></head>
  <b>Bold</b> <i>Italic</i><br>
  $page1_sz->Add( $page1, 1, wxGROW );
  $notebook->AddPage( $page1, 'HtmlWindow' );

  # another page
  my $page2_sz = Wx::BoxSizer->new( wxHORIZONTAL );
  my $page2 = Wx::Button->new( $notebook, -1, "I'm a big button...",
                               wxDefaultPosition, [100, 100] );
  $page2_sz->Add( $page2, 0, wxALL, 5 );
  $notebook->AddPage( $page2, 'Button' );
  #$notebook->SetSizer( $nbsizer );

  $top_sizer->Add( $nbsizer, 1, wxGROW );

  $this->SetAutoLayout( 1 );
  $this->SetSizer( $top_sizer );
  $top_sizer->Fit( $this );
  $top_sizer->SetSizeHints( $this );

  return $this;


# local variables:
# mode: cperl
# end:

i installed all the stuff(including the demo)  from  

best regard
itamar elem
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Can anybody give me a code example of using the Notebook widget of wxPerl? I
tried reading the documentation to figure out how to use it, but I'm missing
something... :-)

BTW, links to real-world apps using wxPerl (open-source, so I can download
and look at the source) would also be appreciated.

Thanks in advance,
Offer Kaye

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