[Israel.pm] Improvement of our web site

Gabor Szabo gabor at perl.org.il
Sun May 2 20:28:33 PDT 2004

On Sat, 27 Mar 2004, in anther thread Pinkhas Nisanov wrote:

> Now about us. I think we can improve our site too. I personally use our
> site only two or three times a month  :-( . It will be more useful if it
> will
> better reflect our mailing list and monthly meetings. Some practical
> suggestions:
> Unfortunately a little part of monthly meetings presentations could be found
> online. Many times I looked for something that I saw in presentation, but
> I didn't find it. We need to assure that presentations will be published and
> best place for it is our site.
> A month ago I looked for something that was discussed in  our mail list.
> I started manually search it "mail list archive". A half hour later I just
> download all ziped archives and found it with grep. All ideas and tricks
> published in mail list may be organized in some tree on our site, like:
> -- regexp
> -- networking
>    |
>    -- web
>    -- e-mail
> -- OO
> ...
> We can use "Wiki" for it. Every one that post some question in mail list
> will write a little digest about question and solution for it and he will
> place it in our tree.

Shlomi also wanted to have something, I have heared from others too that
such a collection of Questions and Answeres might be useful. Why not go
ahead and start to do it ?
I think it is a good idea and the Wiki is probably the best tool for it,
you can just paste in links to the answeres or to the discussions


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