[Israel.pm] regex substitue with lookup table

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I used the longer one (I usually prefer readability), but I wanted to know
the shorter way to.


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> Hi,
> I have a code that looks like this:
> if (/someText (.+?) someMoreText (\d+)/)
> {
>       if (exists $hash{$2})
>       {
>             my $newStr=$hash{$2};
>             s/someText $newStr someMoreText/;
>       }
> }
> I know There Is Another Way To Do It, and even a shorter one - how ?
> Thanks
> Yossi

> Sorry,
> It should be:
> s/someText (.+?) someMoreText/someText $newStr someMoreText/;

Ah, I see now. Well, I guess one shorter version of the above code is:
s/someText (.+?) someMoreText (\d+)/(exists $hash{$2})?"someText $hash{$2}
someMoreText $2":"someText $1 someMoreText $2"/e;

But frankly in this case I personally would go for the longer way- it's
simply more readable.

Offer Kaye
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