[Israel.pm] Talk: A natural flow for web apps

Yuval Yaari yuval at windax.com
Thu Mar 25 05:02:44 PST 2004

Maybe this is going a bit off-topic here, but don't you think we need a 
different (can't say better) protocol than HTTP?
Think about it, websites today are very dynamic, and it's implemented by 
very hackish solutions (i.e: sessions, hidden form values, etc).
I don't know SOAP and haven't read enough about it but I think something 
similar would work - so for the first time you connect to a website, you 
inherit an object, and then you can actually do my $Confirmation = 
$Amazon->add_to_cart($ItemID, $Amount);
Or my $amount = $Client->prompt('How many copies of Programming Perl 3rd 
Ed. would you like to purchase?');

Ok I'm scaring myself. Probably I should be locked.

Just my worthless useless .02...


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