OT Re: [Israel.pm] Safari review

Ran Eilam eilara at cortext.co.il
Wed Mar 24 18:06:47 PST 2004

I cannot believe people keep receiving such completely OT posts, and
nobody is stopping it.

> I've been following the OT discussion. On the point of morality, not
> only I agree with Jason, I think that it is also in accordance with
> Talmudic interpretation of stealing. Being Jewish, I am very concerned
> with what the Talmud says on issues of morality. It defines 
> stealing as
> depriving another of their rightful property

The Talmud itself is free, yet its authors had to get food somehow.
Would they think it moral to:

* Collect lots of money for our work, but give most of it to Babylonian
music industry executives

* Jail people for copying our work without paying us the equivalent of
$100 in young goats

* Keep the interpretations, notes, project logs, and other source code
artifacts secret. Jail those that leak them.

* Spread FUD about those Jews that are producing or using free texts.
Its about time the public knew that these are the very same people
PIRATING (4 Shlomi) the works of Plato on Kaza, and spreading all those
horrible viruses.

* Create large legal bureaucracies, inefficiency at its highest form,
and unleash them upon the patent game, for fun and profit. Fear not-
humanity has plenty of free resources to spare for this celebtration of
pure waste. 

* Sell the work at an impossibly high price to potters who do not agree
to our very reasonable pottery-bundling agreement

* Kill innovation on the desktop for our own nefarious purposes. When
anybody complains, accuse them of killing OUR innovations.

* Hire astrologers and other fortune tellers to produce favorable
reports on our work. Distribute the reports on papyrus and clay tablets,
as an independent study conducted by objective researchers armed with
incredibly precise scientific tools.

I am not sure these accusations are entirely true of any existing
contemporary organization. They are just a small sample from those I
have heard over the years. I think many people believe the system sux,
and that this is the big issue.

I know very little about the topic, but it sounds interesting, and
raises many questions. Do our ancestors have anything to contribute to
the discussion? Can they offer me advice on how to stop myself from
replying to this OT thread?


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