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Oron Peled oron at actcom.co.il
Wed Mar 24 15:00:10 PST 2004

On Wednesday 24 March 2004 14:58, Jason Elbaum wrote:
> I believe that a man has the right to the value of the product of his 
> labor, should he want it,

I completely agree with you (morally) on this one. However, copyrights
are just one *technique* to achieve the desired effect. Another form
may be to directly pay for the creation of the product and then have the
freedom to use it as you see fit.

Because of this, the copyright holder is given only *some* control over
the user. If the copyright holder says:
  - By using my software you wave your right to criticize it.
  - You may not listen to this song on your car/toilet/wherever.
  - You may not lend this book to your friend.
  - You may read this book only once.

I believe all of us would reject these (both moraly and legaly BTW).
Notice that rejecting the last items (reading more than once), *does*
in fact lower the income of the copyright holder.

Many publishers tried (at least in the US) to ban public libraries because
of this.

> and that benefiting from that labor without 
> permission is morally a form of theft.

So, are public libraries performing theft?

Copyrights are not some absolute right -- they try to provide the holder
with some means of revenue without depriving the general public of its

Breaking them is both morally wrong and illegal, but not a theft.

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