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On Monday 22 March 2004 13:52, Jason Elbaum wrote:
> Shlomi Fish wrote:
> > Stealing is taking without permission a material
> > object that is not yours. Thus, the owner of the object has one less copy
> > of it and you have one more yourself. In illegal copying, each one have a
> > copy of the same book/software/song/whatever, and the original is not
> > harmed.
> This is growing increasingly off-topic, but there is another perspective
> on this: Stealing is depriving someone of property which rightly belongs
>   to him. 

Correction: stealing is depriving someone of property which already belongs to 

>   For example, the legitimate income from the fruits of his 
> labor. When you take for free that which someone creates and sells to
> make a living, you are effectively stealing from him - not the software,
> but the earnings.

No, you just deprive him of the earnings. It's not stealing because copyright 
law is not something that is defined as a criminal law. So it does not mean 
you can equate the illegal copying of copyrighted material to stealing.


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