[Israel.pm] awk equivalent

David Baird david.baird at homemail.com
Tue Mar 23 00:09:36 PST 2004

> Perl, as a superset of awk and sed, should have it almost at 
> the same ease of use like awk (IMHO at least)

IMHO, I don't agree.

Perl includes the capabilities of awk, cut, sed, grep, echo. However,
that list of commands are meant to be simple command line approaches to
their specialized tasks. Therefore, their command line interfaces,
specialized to their task, will be simple.

However, when you try to do more than the specialized task of each
command, or try to wrap them together in a shell script, you will find
that Perl is more suited to the task.

What is more simple than:
grep foobar myfile


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