[Israel.pm] PR people needed

Gabor Szabo gabor at perl.org.il
Mon Mar 22 11:47:22 PST 2004

I think we, as in the Perl Mongers, really need a PR person
to send out information about our activities to newspapers,
news oriented web sites etc.

I cannot do it alone both because of lack of time and I am not so
good in writing texts. So I would like to get this thing off my

I don't believe in ad-hoc work, I don't think that we can rely on
"whoever has the time will do it". At least not in a group of
150 people like we are.

So I am looking for two volunteers: one for English PR and the
other one for Hebrew PR.[1][3]  Each one of you need to take upon
her/himself the task of writing short (or long) PR messages
and send them to the appropriate journalists and submit to the
appropriate web sites. These volunteers will be dedicated to the
task and if they cannot do it for whatever reason they will
find a replacement. Hopefully involving me only when they found
the replacement person.

I thought about PR messages at least once in a month about the
upcoming activity of the group(s ?[2]), once in a few month a list
of all future activities.
We could send messages about the new group in Jerusalem, about
new books if we get them or even Perl-related events in the world.
I'd really like to make these things work smoothly by the time we
start working on the next conference.

In order to have (more or less) one voice for the group I though that
the process can be:
1) I send out a PR message to the news mailing list (or maybe only to
the two person ?) in my pseudo-English
2) The two people in turn send out their real English and real Hebrew
messages within a day or so.


[1] It could be one person as well but maybe splitting the jobs will be
[2] Hey, you in Jerusalem, would you like to share this 'service' or
rather do it on your own ?
[3] Maybe we can have also in other languages too so other volunteers
are also welcome but Hebrew and English are the most important.

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