[Israel.pm] TRIZ presentation

Pinkhas Nisanov nisanov at netvision.net.il
Tue Mar 16 06:36:51 PST 2004

On Tue, 2004-03-16 at 14:49, Ran Eilam wrote:
> Pinkhas, is this related to the 'strange Soviet science' theory you told
> us about, on system thinking?

Yes, it is. It's really "SOVIET" science, "soviet" people
loved to find something strange and different that will
save whole world. Soviet military industry didn't find
it useful ( I don't know how KGB let this happen ), so 
now it used by R&D teams in "FORD", "Mitsubishi", "Fuji",
"Philips", "Procter & Gamble", "Motorola", "Siemens", ...

Pinkhas Nisanov

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