[Israel.pm] Post-Meeting Comments

Gabor Szabo gabor at perl.org.il
Mon Mar 15 10:02:55 PST 2004

And of course I have skipped part of the evening....
... how could I do that ?

After the presentation of David Baird we had a break (but did not
have any cookies left.)

After the break Yuval Kogman introduced what is new in CPAN for module
authors and module users. He talked about
http://rt.cpan.org/           the bug tracking system
http://testers.cpan.org/      and Smoking CPAN
http://cpanratings.perl.org/  for CPAN ratings :()

What else ?

We also gave Shlomi 3 minutes for a Book review.

Then, relatively early we went out to the pub to check if
we can see the wireless hot-spot from there.

ps. I am telling you, someone with better memory handling should write
about the meetings.

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