[Israel.pm] Post-Meeting Comments

David Baird david.baird at homemail.com
Mon Mar 15 03:26:02 PST 2004

> >There should be someone who write a nice report about the meeting.
> >I think David Baird volunteered. Right ?
> >  
> >
> Right.

I'll get to it. Soon. I have a few important things I have to attend to,
and I am being paid to do.

> >After that David Baird (Qualcomm) talked about SOAP::Lite
> >See slides here: http://www.perl.org.il/presentations/soap-lite/
> >  
> >
> David, thanks a lot for making me understand why I never used SOAP.
> Not being a big fan of XML (especially when written by hand, not when 
> generated by programs - in that case it's usually nice), I 
> witnessed how 
> XML could look like junk, and how you can get lost in XML-namespaces 
> (pretty easily).
> I didn't check it out, but David's remarks about SOAP::Lite 
> sound like 
> there are basic features missing in it.
> I didn't really understand how sure David is that there are 
> no solutions 
> for his problems with SOAP::Lite.
> It seems weird because as far as I know, SOAP::Lite is widely used.

The missing features are admitted to being missing by the authors. I
think the target for SOAP::Lite is for writing servers, and perhaps more
so, for writing both the client and the server in Perl. I just saw two
interesting items:

1. SOAP::MIME, for better handling of attachments. This is not adopted
as a standard by W3, but it is widely used.
2. Upcoming support for DIME support, which is a supposedly better
alternative than MIME, proposed by Microsoft, and adapted by W3.

I was relaying my own frustrations as a reluctant client of SOAP and
SOAP::Lite. I didn't even go into the autodispatch feature, which is
supposed to eliminate all of the SOAP::Lite additions to the Perl code,
but doesn't work in Perl 5.8.

Does anyone have an alternative RPC solution in Perl that they favor?


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