[Israel.pm] Post-Meeting Comments

Yuval Yaari yuval at windax.com
Mon Mar 15 02:47:29 PST 2004

Gabor Szabo wrote:

>There should be someone who write a nice report about the meeting.
>I think David Baird volunteered. Right ?

>I hope I did not make to many typos.
s/to many/too many/;

>Anyway we heard a semi-ligtning talk from Roman Parparov
>(TAU, Israeli Space Agency) about Whois.
>See slides here: http://perl.org.il/presentations/whois/
All I have to say is that I still don't understand why the hell would 
someone care about the geographical location of his visitors, in a 
not-very-high accuracy rate.
I am looking forward for his next lecture, anyway...

>After that David Baird (Qualcomm) talked about SOAP::Lite
>See slides here: http://www.perl.org.il/presentations/soap-lite/
David, thanks a lot for making me understand why I never used SOAP.
Not being a big fan of XML (especially when written by hand, not when 
generated by programs - in that case it's usually nice), I witnessed how 
XML could look like junk, and how you can get lost in XML-namespaces 
(pretty easily).

I didn't check it out, but David's remarks about SOAP::Lite sound like 
there are basic features missing in it.
I didn't really understand how sure David is that there are no solutions 
for his problems with SOAP::Lite.
It seems weird because as far as I know, SOAP::Lite is widely used.

>As I can see there are a number of people who hold books for month
>or even a year. I think it is time they return the books. After all
>this is a library. Not a book give away. Shall we start calling names
>or display e-mail addresses and phone numbers of those who are late ?
Don't publish my name and phone number, I will bring the book to the 
next meeting.
I took it in the February meeting, so I am not really ashamed. Or should 
I be?

>[1] Maybe we can try the ArCafe net time where I belive there is WiFi
>access. Though there is no outside tables there. I'd recommend someone
>who is working or living in the area to look around and find what
>alternative pubs are there ?
There's a Segafredo place in the depth of the "bursa" area. I like 
Segafredo (esp. the Intermezzo blend :)), but I guess crossing the 
street to reach the pub, the Perl (read: lazy) way, is a lot easier than 
walking. If only we had segways...


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