[Israel.pm] Post-Meeting Comments

Gabor Szabo gabor at perl.org.il
Mon Mar 15 05:34:21 PST 2004

There should be someone who write a nice report about the meeting.
I think David Baird volunteered. Right ?

Anyway here is the list of the participants based on the list
we circulated and after I removed the funny entries.

Hezi Golan
Thomas Maier
Roman Parparov
Eitan Schuler
Oded Resnik
Ran Tene
Herve Guez
Shaul Karl
Yehuda Tzadik
Shlomi Fish
Ran Eilam
Uri Itscowits
Mikhael Goikhman
Yuval Kogman
Gaal Yahas
Yuval Yaari
David Baird
Gabor Szabo

I hope I did not make to many typos.

Anyway we heard a semi-ligtning talk from Roman Parparov
(TAU, Israeli Space Agency) about Whois.
See slides here: http://perl.org.il/presentations/whois/

After that David Baird (Qualcomm) talked about SOAP::Lite
See slides here: http://www.perl.org.il/presentations/soap-lite/

Thomas took all the books from the library - so now he is taking
care of every aspect of it. Until and I hope it can happen soon
we can find a place either in Dapey Zahav or a nearby pub. [1]
In any case he updated the list of booksm and it is much nicer than
what I did previously.

As I can see there are a number of people who hold books for month
or even a year. I think it is time they return the books. After all
this is a library. Not a book give away. Shall we start calling names
or display e-mail addresses and phone numbers of those who are late ?

[1] Maybe we can try the ArCafe net time where I belive there is WiFi
access. Though there is no outside tables there. I'd recommend someone
who is working or living in the area to look around and find what
alternative pubs are there ?


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