[Israel.pm] Post-Meeting Comments

Yuval Yaari yuval at windax.com
Sun Mar 14 00:40:48 PST 2004


Gabor & Gal wanted information about the whole MS<->SCO deal, so here 
are the URLs (URIs...):

Interesting reading.

Gal (and everyone who uses windows):
I downloaded and tried OptiPerl for win32. Not being a windows user, I 
missed my emacs keybindings.
BUT OptiPerl has some nice features, and exactly what I'm looking for: 
it tells you what variables are defined and where they're used.
What packages are required/used and what functions they offer, it folds 
POD and Perl... The automatic syntax checking isn't annoying...
Code completion works nice... I think it has some CVS features, I didn't 
Try it :)


But working with windows isn't fun at all...

Someone mentioned a place for buying either cheap or good computer 
chairs (stealing from my office is not an option :)).
Being old and all, I don't remember who said it, and where I can get 
(cheap|good|I prefer both) chairs that won't break my back.
The only good chair I found in places like office depot was around 
1200NIS and it still doesn't reach the comfort of the chair I have here 
in the office.


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