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"Chapter 6 - WSDL Essentials" of O'Reilly's Web Services is available


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> Fellow Mongers,
> For those expecting to learn about SOAP::Lite from the ground up at
> tonight's evening, I have some bad news. I am not going to teach you how
> to program with SOAP::Lite.
> The topic of my discussion will be problems I have encountered with
> SOAP::Lite, and how I resolved them. My discussion is focused on my
> experience as a customer of a product which used SOAP as its
> programmatic interface, and my personal struggle using that interface
> with my Perl applications.
> Please, to limit the number of basic SOAP questions like "What is a
> WSDL?" please look at http://guide.soaplite.com. Okay, I'll answer that
> question, but it would help if most of the participants learn from
> freely available material about SOAP::Lite before I start complaining
> about it.
> -David
> Gabor Szabo Wrote:
> > Just a friendly reminder,
> > Our next meeting will take place on this Thursday, 11th March.
> >
> > - David Baird: SOAP::Lite and a client application for a web service.
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